Mike Classic

About Me

I’m a web & mobile-based software developer based in Ontario, Canada. I’m founder & current organiser of the Burlington PHP User Group.

Like most people, I started off programming as a hobby, as early as twelve years old. I played with BASIC using QBasic and QuickBasic first before moving on to other languages and platforms.

Having studied and worked in three major IT disciplines — Systems Administration, Networking, & Software Development — I ended up choosing a career path in Networking. Having gone to school for Networking and Security Analysis, I eventually left a career in Telecom to do development full time.

Software & Application Development

Although I have plenty of experience with other frameworks, these days I tend to specialize in PHP and Laravel.

I also have extensive experience in refactoring legacy code and introducing modern practices into code bases and team environments.

I also work on Android, which I find to be a fascinating mobile development environment.

I founded, currently run, & develop a SaaS part-time on the side for dispatch management. It has a web side for dispatching and management, and an Android-based mobile side for the drivers in the field, of which I wrote all of it.

I also have previous experience in Win32 ASM, C, Java, .Net, Visual Basic, Perl, Bash, ASP. These days though, I generally create web sites, apps, and mobile apps for individuals, and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Network Design & Operations

I’ve also designed, built, and maintained networks for small businesses, generally with retail consumer and entry-level Cisco equipment.

Systems Administration

For many years I’ve administered mainly Linux and Unix boxes. Distros include CentOS, Ubuntu, RHEL, Slackware, Debian, FreeBSD. Also, I’ve run basic Active Directory domains using Windows Server 2003 and 2008.


Burlington PHP User Group

The Burlington PHP UG is a user group for developers in & around the Burlington, ON area in Canada. However, anyone from anywhere is welcome.

We generally hold meetups on a monthly basis, usually the third or fourth Wednesday/Thursday of the month. Our format, although flexible, is typically as follows:

  • 3 hour long meetup
  • Start off with a talk lasting 40 minutes to 1.5 hours
  • Socializing and networking for the remainder

PHP Unicorn Online Conference

PHP Unicorn is an online conference, first started on May 4, 2017. I am co-organizer of this unique online conference. Its goal is to bring you top shelf speakers (“unicorns”) and several newcomers each year.

Freelance Work

As a contract freelancer, I’m always looking for projects and opportunities. I’m available for development and consulting work. Please contact me for more information.

I’m fairly priced, communicative, and willing to help my clients during every stage of a project: be it planning, implementation, maintenance, even if it’s just for consulting advice.

My resume is quickly available upon request.

Open Source

I’m passionate about Open Source projects and the community. My 2017 term goals include delivering my Datatables project to a v1.0.0 release, contributing more to existing open source projects on any level, and publishing more of my code and projects.


Server-side processor for the jQuery plugin DataTables. This framework agnostic library aims to have full test coverage. Currently in Alpha development.